More than just a slogan

So on Saturday 9th May 2021 I woke up to the absolutely heart breaking news about our brothers and sisters in Palestine. The night before (Friday 8th May 2021) Masjid Al-Aqsa was stormed by Israeli terrorist soldiers while taraweeh prayers were being performed. These soldiers had no reason to be there other than to cause trouble. Israel will spin this and say it was an act of self defence but the pictures tell a completely different story. 50 innocent people were injured including women and children. Then on Sunday 10th May 2021, which marks an ‘Israeli’ National Holiday, ‘Jerusalem Day’ in which they celebrate and commemorate ‘the reunification of Jerusalem’ and the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City in the aftermath of the June 1967 Six-Day War. The Israelis, celebrate it by marching through the ‘Old City of Jerusalem’ in particular the Muslim Quarter, chanting and provoking the Palestinians. That morning Al-Aqsa was stormed once again by the Israeli Police force, in preparation for ‘Israeli Settlers’ to enter the blessed Masjid. This is clearly a terrorist response to the on going situation in Sheikh Jarrah where Palestinians have been peacefully protesting against Israel allowing illegal settlers to steal their homes and six Palestinians families are being forced out of their homes illegally by May. As none of the media outlets are reporting accurately on this I thought I would have my say, this is my poem, “More than just a slogan”.

Another Ramadan and I’m sitting in my bed

Check my phone, loads of messages, let’s see what people have said

No, what I’m reading I just can’t believe

They’ve actually stormed Al-Aqsa on the 26th eve

Do these Israeli terrorist have no shame?

They’re marching into sacred ground just to cause pain

And all this for land that don’t even belong to them

I hear my brothers and sisters crys and my heart just melts for them

Need to get on the social and tell people what’s going on

People need educating as what they’re being fed by the media is wrong

Bias news outlets are trying to spin the situation

Having people believe this is just about the Muslim nation

No wait, this is more than just us raising our hands

This is about Israel stealing land

And no they have no legal right to it

They just go in, shoot up, and just bloody take it

They expect us to shut up while this is going on

They expect us to shut up while they’re just dropping bombs

They expect us to shut up while kids get taken from their moms

Well no, now I won’t shut up coz this here is plain wrong

Free Palestine

This is more than just a slogan

More than just a T-shirt

More than just a hashtag

Free Palestine

This is more than just a poster

More than just a banner

More than wearing the flag

Now I’m waiting to see what world leaders say about this

Coz so many UN resolutions have been violated

Come on Borris, come on Biden, what are you both saying?

Are you finally gonna admit you fund Palestinians dying?


Didn’t think so

The U.S gives $3.8 billion to these terrorists

That’s a yearly figure, let’s not confused this

The Israelis are terrorists and the Palestinians have to just run and hide

This isn’t a conflict it’s systematic genocide

Ethnic cleansing, apartheid, call it what you will

The Israelis have one mode, that’s shoot to kill

Now that’s established what can we do?

It’s up to us, more than ever that statement is so true

The time has come brothers and sisters, get ready for Jihad

Chill, not with a sword, but a pen and a note pad

Our voices must be heard, Palestine must be freed

We have to all come together to help Palestinians in need

Free Palestine

This is more than just a slogan

More than just a T-shirt

More than just a hashtag

Free Palestine

This is more than just a poster

More than just a banner

More than wearing the flag

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